Table of Contents

1. Company Safety Policy
1a. Assignment of Responsibility
1b. Sub-Contractor Policy

2. Hazard Assessment

3. Accidental Exposure to Asbestos
3a. Backfilling
3b. Defective Tools
3c. Electric Wet Concrete Saw
3d. Excavating and Trenching
3e. Fall Protection
3f. Gas Operated Cement Mixer
3g. Gas Operated Chop Saw
3h. Operation of Air Tools
3i. Proper Lifting Practices
3j. Use of Chain Saws
3k. Use of Explosive PowerActuated Fastening Tools
3l. Use of Fire Extinguishers
3m. Use of Hand-Held Power Circular Saws
3n. Use of Metal Scaffolds
3o. Use of Portable Grinders
3p. Use of Portable Ladders
3r. Use of Step Ladders
3s. Zoom boom safe work procedure

4a. General Rules
4b. Disciplinary Procedures
4c. Notice of Discipline
4d. Disciplinary Log

5a. Policy for Personal Protective Equipment
5b. Personal Protection Equipment Checklist
5c. Personal Protective Equipment Checklist

6. Maintenance Program Policy
6a. Semi-Annual Equipment Check

7 Safety Training Policy.pdf
7a. Employee Training Record
7b. New Employee Orientation
7c. Tool Box Meeting

8. Inspection Policy
8a. Inspection Report
8b. Scaffold Inspection Check List

9. Investigation Policy

10. Emergency Phone Numbers

11. Monthly Safety Summary
11a. Summary of Lost Time Injuries

13. Return to Work Policy

14a. Environmental Policy Statement


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